Tutorial – 5 Tips for FL Studio

Ok, so my 5 tip video is 16 minutes long. The 5 tips are:

  1. Use a gaming mouse to map keyboard shortcuts
  2. Understand sidechaining with peak controller vs. Fruity Limiter
  3. Use MIDI controller to map keyboard shortcuts
  4. Work smart with automation clips: context menu keyboard shortcuts
  5. Use Omni/generic link override to map pitch bend/modwheel for third party plugins

The video will show you exactly how to do those things instead of trying to read about them on Image-Line’s website and figure it out that way.

Sax-Flyer – Not a Dancer

The title has 2 meanings: first I’m not a dancer. Second, the song itself wants to be a dance song but there is a section in it that isn’t so great for dancing, so the song is not a dancer either. The video will be live on YouTube soon! https://soundcloud.com/sax-flyer/not-a-dancer