Senior Recital – November 16 2021

I’ve decided to go ahead and release the whole video of my senior recital from back in November! It had been a long time coming and I’m very proud of the end result. By the way, the audio was recorded on UWF’s in-house recording system, which I then synchronized to the video that I took on my camera. Here is the video, and here is the program in order:

Concerto for Alto Saxophone (1979) 0:00 – Ingolf Dahl



Blake Riley, piano

Concertino da Camera (1935) 15:34 – Jacques Ibert ** My memorized performance of this placed 2nd place at UWF’s Concerto Competition in 2021.



Animato Molto

Blake Riley, piano

Partita for Flute, BMV 1013 (1723-1724) 28:30 – J.S. Bach


Bop Duets (1980) 35:50 – Bugs Bower

No. 2

Kameron Horak, alto saxophone

Fifteen Two-Part Inventions (1723, arr. 1969) 38:50 – J.S. Bach

No. 3 Arr. Larry Teal

No. 4

Brittany Comer, alto saxophone

A Tribute to Sax (1994) 43:05 РAlain Cr̩pin



Allegro Vivace

Blake Riley, piano

Encore: Partita II for Violin (from memory) 55:44 – J.S. Bach


Tutorial – 5 Tips for FL Studio

Ok, so my 5 tip video is 16 minutes long. The 5 tips are:

  1. Use a gaming mouse to map keyboard shortcuts
  2. Understand sidechaining with peak controller vs. Fruity Limiter
  3. Use MIDI controller to map keyboard shortcuts
  4. Work smart with automation clips: context menu keyboard shortcuts
  5. Use Omni/generic link override to map pitch bend/modwheel for third party plugins

The video will show you exactly how to do those things instead of trying to read about them on Image-Line’s website and figure it out that way.