Sax-Flyer – Fly Me to the Moon (feat. Sax FiRe)

Much like last time, “Sax FiRe” and I did a wonderful remote collaboration effort for the holiday season! I decided to do Fly Me to the Moon because it seemed like a good choice. I know it’s not necessarily a holiday-themed song but I feel like I always hear it around the holiday season. If you’re interested in the nerdy stuff behind the production of this song, I basically used ProTools with some Sonivox plugins to create the “backing track”, which I then sent to Sax FiRe who recorded with it in Logic and sent me back the individual tracks. I did some harmonizing and melodic interplay with my own recordings on my sax solo in the 2nd half which turned out nicely. There’s one lick I did under the altissimo B at the end that sounded way better harmonized up a 3rd, so that’s probably my favorite part.

I’m not going to put this one on Spotify so for now I’ll just direct-link the Google Drive file. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to make a music video but if I do I will link it here.

Author: Sax-Flyer

High school band/sound engineering teacher by day, saxophonist/pianist by night 😎

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