What is Sax-Flyer.com?

Sax-flyer.com is a blog where you can find all of my music and other projects. I once tried doing product reviews but I stopped because I got too busy and too broke! I may come back to that after I finish my bachelor’s degree.

Who is Sax-Flyer?

I’m a saxophonist/pianist/flutist/clarinetist/composer/arranger/producer/teacher/audio engineer/freelance videographer… You get the picture! You can find my social links at the bottom of the page, plus you can search for me on Spotify. Of course all my music can also be heard on this website through the SoundCloud sidebar or the blog posts. I hope you will consider listening to my releases on Spotify or Apple Music or any other streaming service instead of SoundCloud since it helps me tremendously! I’m getting ready to stop posting on SoundCloud since I’m getting close to the cap on how much music I can upload there. My Bachelor’s degrees in music education and saxophone performance will be earned as of May, 2022! If you’re interested in saxophone, piano, or general music lessons, don’t hesitate to contact me.