What is Sax-Flyer.com?

Sax-flyer.com is a blog where you can find all of my music, projects, and musings.

Who is Sax-Flyer?

I am a musician, first and foremost. I play saxophone, piano, clarinet, and flute. I play for restaurants, private parties, and professional symphonies. I also compose, produce, mix, and master. I have a B.M.E. and a B.M. in Music Performance, and I’m a high school audio engineering teacher. All my music can be heard on this website through the SoundCloud sidebar or the blog posts. I hope you will consider listening to my releases on Spotify or Apple Music or other streaming services so I can make a couple cents! I’m getting ready to stop posting on SoundCloud since I’m getting close to the cap on how much music I can upload there. If you’re interested in saxophone, piano, or general music lessons, don’t hesitate to contact me.